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Our Philosophy with PatentRetriever
Are you fed up of having to pay for downloading patents in PDF format?
Are you tired of clicking a zillion links on patent office web sites to download a patent in PDF format?
Can't be bothered wasting time to register yourself at a "free site" to download patents in PDF format?
Then you've come to the right place here at PatentRetriever.com
Patent rights affect you and your business. You should therefore be entitled to download them for free and easily and quickly without completing stupid user registration forms.
At PatentRetriever.com, we believe in a minimal mouseclick philosophy when downloading patents in PDF format. We don't want to waste your time by requiring you to click a zillion links when you know exactly which patent you want.
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Who We Are
We know that people want to download, save and print patents in PDF format. While other sites charge for this service or require you to register yourself first, we do not. We know people don't want added logo crap on pages of their patents either.
PatentRetriever is not just an information tool, it is a time-saving tool for everybody. We hope you find it useful like we do.
What We Do
We develop innovative solutions to practical problems. We apply sound and proven principles to achieve our goals and get the right solution while minimising or eliminating the cost on users.
We want our users to save money, resources and time. Be kind to the environment - think before you print.
Will You Join Us?
We are a not-really-for profit organisation - just looking to cover our web hosting costs.
Please feel free to contact us.
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