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Latest News & Announcements

30 May 2009 - PatentRetriever is 1 year old. Happy Birthday!!!

18 June 2008 - Patents reported in the media is added so you easily download the patents recently referred to in the newspapers, blogs, etc. Try it out and let me know what you think of it.

13 June 2008 - Live Patent News is added so you can get the latest news around the world relating to patents. Leave the window open all day and it will automatically get the latest patent news every 15 minutes. Try it out and let me know what you think of it.

12 June 2008 - Funny Patents is added for some light hearted humour about the weird and funny patents inventors have obtained.

11 June 2008 - Fixed problems downloading US patent publications. The download link should be more accurate now.

5 June 2008 - You can now search based on the PCT application number. For example, PCT/IT2003/000797

4 June 2008 - Added a feedback box on the results page so you can inform us of any search that didn't work properly.

3 June 2008 - Introduced "Rover", our clever retriever of patents on the front page of the site. Hope you like him!

3 June 2008 - Inserted an "Examples of Use" on the front page to help users understand the patent number format to enter. Thanks to Tim for the suggestion.

3 June 2008 - Inserted links on the front page to major patent search engines for users who do not know a patent number.

3 June 2008 - Fixed a bug regarding leading 0s on European patents. Also, offered a workaround incorrect references to US patents (a bug with Google Patent) by offering an alternate download link. Thanks to "Patent_Medicine" for noticing.

2 June 2008 - Asked my patent mates to give the site a test run.

30 May 2008 - PatentRetriever is launched for beta testing.

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